The Song of the Blessed One

The Bhagavad Gita is a concise synthesis of several schools of Hindu thought and one of the most famous Sanskrit texts in the world.

Our series adapts the Gita at four levels of difficulty. Level 4 is the original verse. Level 3 reorders and explains the difficult parts of level 4. Level 2 further simplifes the language of level 3 and explains any cultural context that might be unclear. And level 1 has short, simple sentences with some repetition.

You can read these verses in whatever way makes sense to you. One option is to read through our series at a specific level. Another is to read all four levels for a given verse before moving on to the next.

For beginners

If you have never read Sanskrit before or are unfamiliar with the Gita's setting, these short books introduce some of the Gita's characters and their relationships.

The Gita