sarve kim icchanti?

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duryodhanaḥ kim icchati?

duryodhano yoddhum icchati.

duryodhano mārayitum icchati.

bahavo yodhā yoddhum icchanti.

bahavo yodhā mārayitum icchanti.

duryodhanaḥ kaṃ mārayitum icchati?

duryodhano yudhiṣṭhiraṃ mārayitum icchati.

duryodhano bhīmaṃ mārayitum icchati.

kiṃ duryodhano 'rjunaṃ mārayitum icchati?

duryodhano 'rjunaṃ mārayitum icchati.

duryodhanaḥ sarvān pāṇḍu­putrān icchati mārayitum.

duryodhano bahūn bandhūn mārayitum icchati.

duryodhano bahūn balavato bandhūn mārayitum icchati.

sarve bhrātaro duryodhanasya kim icchanti?

sarve bhrātaro duryodhanasya yoddhum icchanti.

sarve bhrātaro duryodhanasya mārayitum icchanti.

sarve bhrātaro duryodhanasya mārayitum icchanti sarvān pāṇḍu­putrān.

yudhiṣṭhiraḥ kim icchati?

bhīmo 'rjunaś ca kim icchataḥ?

sarve pāṇḍu­putrāḥ kim icchanti?

sarve pāṇḍu­putrā yoddhum icchanti.

sarve pāṇḍu­putrā mārayitum icchanti.

sarve pāṇḍu­putrā duryodhanaṃ mārayitum icchanti.

sarve pāṇḍu­putrāḥ sarvān dhṛtarāṣṭra­putrān mārayitum icchanti.

sarve pāṇḍu­putrā bahūn bandhūn mārayitum icchati.

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